Terms and Conditions for manuscript materials
​​1. I understand that before submitting any manuscripts to Smodè Publications manuscripts must be fully completed and checked over by the author. 
2. I understand that all correct information including book titles, full descriptions, ISBN numbers/registration, and personal details, must be up-to-date before submitting. 
3. I understand that books must not be published on any distribution site or platform when submitting manuscripts to Smodè Publications.
4. I understand that manuscripts must be a minimum of 100 pages, a maximum of 200 pages before submitting to Smodè Publications.
5. I understand that manuscripts must be submitted to Smodè Publications in PDF or Word doc format.
6. I understand that any books which contain photos, all images must be submitted in PNG, JPG, TIF format, at the correct pixels of 300 dpi  3300 x 5100 px. RGB color or mono is both accepted and, therefore, printing will be calculated accordingly.
7. I understand and consent that all credit names must be included in submissions such as the author, photographer, illustrator, ghostwriter, etc.
8. I consent and warrant that content will comply with these terms, content must not be illegal, unlawful, or infringe any person's legal rights.
9. I understand that the author owns all rights to content including copyright.
10. I understand that by submitting materials to Smodè Publications, I, therefore, grant Smodè Publications the right to use materials to publish, distribute for re-sale, and for marketing use.
11. I understand that upon full acceptance of submissions, Smodè Publications will negotiate a book publishing deal with the author.

Submissions Form

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